What I did on My Vacation

The last time I went on a vocation was when I was 14 years old, and was an unforgettable one at that. Like any trip to the east coast, the wind was delightfully chilly and I couldn’t get enough. The scenery was beautiful and my mind was at peace; I was in total serenity at the sandy shores of Prince Edward Island.

The events of the week never ceased and the economy was blooming with coastal activities. On one sunny afternoon we went mackerel fishing several miles out to sea, with a tourist fishing instructor guiding us every step of the way. The fish seemed to jump in the air as we baited them, unaware of their soon to be demise. When we returned to the dock, some other fisherman were busy with their long awaited catch of the day, a hefty Tuna fish that pulled their boat 90 miles down the coastline. It was indeed an impressive catch, which quickly convinced me to never go swimming any deeper then my waist!

On another lovely evening with perfect weather, my family went to a cozy restaurant that reached over top of the ocean’s shore. As we ate black pepper steak and sipped on Pepsi, I remember the cool breeze blowing in our hair as we watched the tide sink further and further back into sea. After dinner, we had fun running along the soaking wet sands as crabs and other sea life scurried away into the closest crevasses.

On one of the last days we were there, we travelled into Charlottetown and had a taste of the shopping centers. They were just like the ones in Ontario; busy and crowded but with an added hint of salt in the air. We went to the movie theatres and watched King Arthur, which had just come out earlier that week. Over all, the entertainment life was enjoyable and worth spending one day doing while visiting as tourists.

Finally it was time to go, and as we drove past the red fields of potatoes, I reminisced about the peaceful place we had to leave. Surely one day I’ll return, perhaps with someone different, or perhaps with the same old people I first visited with. Either way, the trip was an experience I never want to forget.


One response to “What I did on My Vacation

  1. I love the East Coast! Sounds like you have some wonderful memories there.

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