Story Telling and Communication Styles

As the “Business Writing for the Web” article pointed out (, the number one goal to set before writing an article is to know what you want your reader to do after they’ve read your article. The second goal recommended to set is to know your audience.

While reading the lecture material, I realized that it also makes sense to ask specific questions along the way, rather then just expect readers to make comments. Although the first time I wrote a blog was less then a month ago, I’ve discovered quickly how crucial it is to find others who are interested in what you have to say. Ideally the interests of both parties need to be similar and a strong desire to discuss these interests must be present. Since the desire to discuss these interests is mutual, an opportunity has merged for both parities to educate each other and thus a relationship has begun.

The lecture material also mentioned that the overall tone of content posted in online communities tends to be familiar, friendly and casual. So then I thought, how does this relate to telling a story? Is the content important or is it the way that the content is being told?  Perhaps it’s both and when combined together a story is birthed. Ideally the best way to say something is to just come out and say it! However, it may have no effect on whoever is listening if no emotion is put into saying it.

That being said, the most important thing I learned in this lesson is to discover the emotion, or tone when writing an online article. I also learned the importance of asking specific questions.


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