The Most Skilled Consumers: Women

I have a personal and professional interest in the humanitarian aid sector. Therefore, the demographics of my target audience are others like myself. That’s right, educated females with moderately high to high income levels. Marital status is not relevant nor is their ethnicity or religious views. Their psychographics include tech-savvy and high-achieving consumers who embrace trends in any way, shape and form, especially with regards to social media. When I first pictured this niche, I figured they were few and scarce; but I was wrong. According to a study done by BlogHer, 53% of the 79 million adult women in the U.S participate in social media on a weekly basis! Check out this blog at Wow, that’s a huge market!

Furthermore, these women are leaders because they’ve embraced the social media trend and participate in social media activities such as social networks, which ranks highest in popularity. Secondly, they participate in blog activity, thirdly; message boards and forums and finally they also use status updating. Their topics of interest include (in this order): politics and news, technology/gadgets, cars, business/career/personal finance, green, health/wellness, pregnancy/baby, arts and crafts, home and garden, food, travel, parenting, sports, social activism, and recipes/cooking.

In Mitch Joel’s book, Six Pixels of Separation, he mentions that online social networks would be much more powerful if they focused on specific niches of interest (Joel, 73). It appears that he’s right, according to this study. Millions of skilled consumer women are devoting their time and energy to an array of niches. Who would of thought?


One response to “The Most Skilled Consumers: Women

  1. 53% of women participate in social networks – that’s an impressive statistic! Thanks for these insights.

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